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JAMES B. FLAHERTY | Screenwriter. Novelist. Wordsmith.
JAMES B. FLAHERTY | Screenwriter. Novelist. Wordsmith.
I know I shouldn’t feel guilty. But here I am, (I’ll be 87 in September 2022), happy, healthy, quite sure I won’t wake up on the wrong side of the grass tomorrow. And I honestly believe every day is a miracle—another opportunity to produce, create, learn, and hopefully do something good for myself and others. On top of that, I have no regrets, no sad memories that didn’t spring from great happiness. Why was I given this gift? I thank my creator every day, and know tomorrow will be superb. Onward . . .
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DEAR OLD FRIENDS is perfect for your Mom or Dad—or you if you’re feeling stuck. This friendly, easy to read book overflows with ideas for staying young while aging productively and cheerfully. It teaches you how easy and important it is to have a passion—the kind that makes you happy to get up every morning. You want to hear pure truth? You’re only as old as you think. I know what I’m talking about. I’m 87 this year—going on 60. Life is full of promise. Every day is a miracle. Join me.
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Imagine the honor of being able to live and work within your passion. That’s my life. Besides earning a living at the keyboard, I’ve had the absolute joy of creating three books. The first two are novels—birth, death, romance, sex, Broadway, travel, marriage, divorce, high and low life—wonderful stories to curl up with or enjoy someday on the big screen or TV. And more recently, a non-fiction book that speaks directly to Dear Old Friends, and lovingly, but pointedly, reminds them today is the oldest & youngest they’ll ever be. Keep going. . .
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Easy: Always be clean, don’t smoke, drink, or overeat, work hard. True! But now I also believe you must Grow Old, not Get Old. That you don’t just Have a purpose, you Live a purposeful life. Having a purpose is fundamental to health, happiness & longevity. A brilliant scholar named Richard Leider, said, “Purpose is an active expression of our values and our compassion for others—it makes us want to get up in the morning and add value to the world.” More thoughts ahead . . .
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I’ve been a guest on 15 podcasts. Writing is harder, but at least if you don’t like what you wrote, you can delete it and start over. But Interviews and podcasts are asking you how you feel about yourself and life and stuff and ‘Tell me about sex in your novels, Jim’, or (speaking about my latest book), ‘What can you tell people who are dealing with dementia…” But it’s great. Giving unrehearsed answers to serious questions allows you to grade yourself on how well you know your subject, or the audience you’re reaching. Your turn—question me. . .
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Hey, you're a Literary Agent and I'm a writer. Sounds like a match made in heaven. I think we should cut right to the chase. If you take me on as a client, what are the chances of you making gobs of money? Gosh, why are you asking me, I'm only a writer. You're the agent who could make a film or TV production company realize that either of my two existing novels could give birth to a full-length film or a long-running TV series that would attract zillions of people looking for entertainment that's neither scientific nor tragedy based . . .
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